October 12 Meeting Minutes

Parent Council – Minutes from Wed. October 12, 2016.


In Attendance: Saundra Reynolds, Cinzia Ivan, Susan Eccleshall, Mary Ann Jacques, Patricia DiMarcantonio, Gillian Brakel, Tracy O’Neill, Diana Schreier, Diana Donnelly, Jason Poason


Regrets:                 Trina Feetham, Marlene Lacroix, Heather Ray, Heidi Defusco



  • Opening Prayer
  • Saundra conducted the opening remarks and led the group in the Opening Prayer
  • Parent Council funds balance as of October 12, 2016 - $5,262.64 (does not include $390 made from the Apple Picking Night)
  • Vanier Play for Grades 1 thru 8 at no cost to the students : Grades 1 to 3 will attend in December with bussing available and Grades 4 to 8 will attend in January by walking to Jean Vanier.
  • School Photo’s – no wall space left for the students to display their work so school is looking at options for a framed photo album that can be displayed in the front entrance of the school – Tracy O’Neill will be following up with Saunders to investigate this option.
  • Choir Options – possible option of Parent Council covering some costs to lower the monthly cost to around $10/month – Tracy O’Neill will get the numbers together so we can decide on options for January
  • TV will be set up in the lobby for school information – this will replace the current white board – Patricia volunteered to help with graphics as needed
  • Pancake Tuesday – in the past, teachers have cooked them at home and brought them in and Parent Council also purchased 3 griddles that they have used to cook the 900 pancakes in the staff room.  Diana Donnelly will source a caterer who can supply the required pancakes.
  • Pita Pit – Diana Donnelly has researched it.  You can order in 4 week increments at either $4.50 (including tax and a $0.75 going towards St. Mary’s) per pita OR $3.75 per pita (no profit to St. Mary’s).  Malcolm McSorley is the contact – has come into the school in the past and helped the Grade 8 students create business plans and helped them fundraise for the Grade 8 trip.  Some concern over the quality of the product therefore a sample will be sourced prior to any commitment.  Subway was discussed as an alternative but dismissed due to the existing relationship the school has with Malcolm.  Diana Donnelly will head this up and then turn over to the Grade 8’s to run.
  • Formation of a Fundraising Sub-Committee – Goal is to focus more on activities rather than selling products.  Example is the Apple Picking Night which will have extended hours next year (3 – 7pm).  In 2 hrs with only 20 families participating, $390 was raised.  Raffle Baskets is next.  Question on adding silent auction items and choir.  Fall Fair used to be a huge event.  Gillian Brakel expanded on Christmas fundraising ideas that were successful at her previous school.
  • Salt Lamps - $90 for 6 of them.  They are used in Christian meditation and Tracy O’Neill has been requested more.  Council has approved to fund 2 boxes (total 12 lamps) at a cost of $180.
  • New School Gym Equipment – Joe Forte has indicated there is a need for $5,000 – worth of new gym equipment.  Parent Council can donate some monies to this.  Jason Poason
  • Movie Night is November 10th (see last school bulletin for details).
  • Next Meeting on November 3rd @ Joan of Arc in Barrie
  • December 7th Parent Council meeting CHANGED to November 17th from 6-7pm (during Parent/Teacher interviews).  Some discussion to try to have some of the Christmas Raffle Baskets ready for that evening to help increase awareness and donations.
  • “We Scare Hunger” – This is a food drive being run by the newly formed Social Justice Club.  Looking for nutritional staples.  Will run until the Friday after Halloween.  Encourages the older kids in the school to gather non-perishables instead of candy.  Next event will be a “Pajama Drive”.
  • Meeting Closed at 7:05pm



  • Tracy O’Neill to contact Saunders about the school photo’s book option
  • Tracy O’Neill to provide numbers for Parent Council to consider covering choir costs beginning in January  - numbers to be supplied for next Council Meeting at St. Mary’s (November 17th)
  • Diana Donnelly will source a caterer to supply pancakes for Shrove Tuesday as well as be the lead for this event.
  • Diana Donnelly will source a sample from the Pita Pit prior to leading this project.  Once it has been approved (Susan Eccleshall) then the program can be implemented by Diana with the ultimate goal of turning it over to the Grade 8’s to run.
  • Patricia DiMarcantonio will head up the subcommittee on fundraising – she will liaise for the Spring Fair with Sylvia Gallo and let Council know what they have come up with for the next meeting (November 17th)
  • Jason Pogson will get the list of what gym equipment is needed from Saundra Reynolds/Susan Eccleshall and will find out what he can get used/new. 
  • Council would like to have several Christmas Raffle Baskets available for the Parent/Teacher interviews on November 17th and 18th – to be followed up by this subcommittee (Diana Schreier, Heather Ray and Tracy Taylor)