Daily Work
Daily Work
Check here daily for work that was taught and assigned. This should be especially helpful if your child was absent, or forgot their agenda at school.

Mon. Feb. 21, 2017.

             Tomorrow is anti-bullying day, so please WEAR PINK!!

Math - We spent a lot of time using geoboards to better understand the difference between perimeter and area.  For practice, I asked the students to use the same worksheet that we used last Thursday (see "Perimeter Practice" pdf below), but calculate the AREA for #2abc, 3,4, & 5.

Science - We had a guest speaker, Dr. Longo in today to teach us more about the skeletal system!  We had a great Q&A session.

Language - We are starting up reading groups again.  Everyone is reminded to read for at least 20 minutes tonight.

Coding & Robotics - The students are doing some really cool challenges.  Ask them for details.

Thurs. Feb. 16 & Fri. Feb.17, 2017.

Math - The past couple of days we have been expanding (hopefully) our understanding of linear measurement (mm, cm, dm, m, km) and how to convert between units.
-We also developed a broader understand of what perimeter is and how to find it.
Below are the two worksheets that I put together for practice.  If you have been away, I suggest you read through the sections in the text on linear measurement and perimeter, then attempt these questions.
Linear Measurement.pdf
Perimeter Practice.pdf

Language - We are working through the parts of speech.  So far we have covered nouns, pronouns, and verbs.  These are important and everyone will have to write a proficiency test!

Science - Grade 5's just learned about the nervous system (no homework).
Grade 6's have to complete their Science projects at home.  They are due Monday.  The students will be presenting throughout next week.

Reading Buddies - We taught out buddies some ukulele basics!

Tues. Feb. 14, 2017.

Math - Throughout this measurement unit we will be jumping between Units 6 and 9.  Today we studied mass.  The students have some tricks to help them them convert between mg, g, kg, and t.  
Gr.5:  p. 218# 2,3,5 + p. 221# 1-5 + reflect
Gr.6:  p. 240# 1-4,9 + reflect

Language - Here is the synonyms and antonyms worksheet for those that need it:
synonyms & antonyms activity.png

Gr.5:  They have one more class to finish "Explain Everything" summary of the digestive system.
Gr. 6:  They are working on Space projects with Mrs. Labrecque-Mireault.

Music - We had so much fun today playing the ukuleles.

Wed. Feb. 8, 2017

Tomorrow we will be skiing and snowshoeing at Duntroon Highlands Nordic, so remember to dress warmly!!

Language - We worked with synonyms and antonyms, and are getting quite good at using a thesaurus.

Math - This new measurement unit includes many different aspects of measurement.  Today we reviewed some concepts surrounding money.
Gr.5:  p.203-4 # 1-4, 7ab
Gr.6:  p. 216-7 # 1-4, 6.

Gr.5 - They are working in class on sharing their knowledge about the digestive system using 'Explain Everything'.  They are encouraged to prepare a "plan" of what they would like to include.
Gr.6 - They are working on their Space projects with Mrs. Labrecque-Mireault.

Wed. Feb. 1, 2017.

The grade 6's had DARE today.  If you were absent, you must complete your books for next week.

Math - We began a measurement unit, and started specifically working on the concept of elapsed time.  If you were absent, you can open the attatched pdf which outlines what we did.  The practice questions are on the last page.  Also, watch the following video.  It's quite helpful!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5bu14OfrbLE
elapsed time lesson.pdf

Science - Both grades need to get their Science quizzes signed.  Grade 5's are also asked to find 3 cool facts about the digestive system!

Fri. Jan. 27, 2017.

Math - Review for Monday's test:
Gr.5:  p. 188-9# 1, 2a, 3abc, 5ab
Gr.6:  p. 200-1# 1,2,4,5ab
*spend some time on Mathletics

Science - Study for Monday's quizzes:
Gr.5:  Science quiz on Circulatory system
Gr.6:  Science quiz on Space


Thurs. Jan. 26, 2017.

Math - Tomorrow we will review for Monday's unit test on data management.

Language - Today the students opened their essays and received my online feedback.  They are to finish editing and revising their essays tonight.  I will print them at school tomorrow.

Science - Both grades have a Science quiz on Monday.

Music - We are doing an amazing job learning to play songs!  Today the students wrote a quiz on ukulele basics.  Late next week I will be assessing their playing skills.

Wed. Jan. 25, 2017.

Math - Both grades learned about bias in graphs today.  Very enlightening!
Gr.5:  They have to create two graphs that represent their survey data showing different bias.
Gr.6:  They also learned about stem and leaf plots.  Their practice questions are on a worksheet.
Don't forget to spend some time on Mathletics!

Language - Yesterday we worked on the skill of inferencing some more.  This will be  focus for us over the next little while.

Science -
Gr.5:  We had lots of fun learning about blood today!  They have to draw a labelled picture of the "blood bag" they are bringing home. 

Music - Everyone has a ukulele quiz tomorrow.  We reviewed for it yesterday. 

Fri. Jan. 20, 2017.

Math -
Grade 5:  Line graphs.  p. 175 # 2,3 (a line graph for each plus answer related questions in the text).
Grade 6: Graphing on a Coordinate Grid (ordered pairs).  p.188-9# 1,2,5.

Language - The students worked on the 3 body paragraphs of their essay in Google Docs.  The 3 paragraphs are DUE Monday.  Then, in class on Monday I will guide them into developing an introduction and conclusion. 

Art - The class created beautiful winter penguin scenes today!

Robotics - We got DASH going on another mission this morning as well!

Have a great weekend!

Thurs. Jan. 19, 2017.

Math - We spent a lot of time reviewing the mean, median & mode questions.  Tomorrow there will be another assessment question for this.
Creating graphs - tonight the students are to finish a bar graph for the data they were given in class (Gr.6 text: p.180#1)

Language -
Essay work:  one good body paragraph is to be completed for tomorrow.

The grade 5 quiz on cells and the respiratory system has been rescheduled for Tuesday.

Mon. Jan.16, 2017.

Math - More mean, median and mode.  Today we attempted more challenging problems requiring reasoning.
Gr.5:  p. 162 # 2,3,5.
Gr.6:  p.175# 2,3,5.

Language - Both grades were introduced to how to write an essay.  I have provided them with a detailed plan outline to help them.  Tonight they are to finish the plan for ONLY the middle 3 "body" paragraphs.  Essay topics are as follows:
Gr.6:  What I have learned in DARE
Gr.5:  What I have learned from being in school (JK to now)

Gr.5:  We are having loads of fun exploring the respiratory system!  Everyone is STRONGLY encouraged to review the vocabulary associated with the respiratory system.  Thursday there will be a quiz on this system.
Gr.6:  Note on space travellers to be completed for Wednesday.

Friday, Jan. 13, 2017.

The grade 6s had DARE with Constable Rivers this morning. 

Math - We did a great job learning about median and mode today!
Grade 6:  p. 175 #6 -             MODE FOR EACH OF THE DATA SETS IN THE TABLE.

Grade 6 - Science title pages must be handed in Monday!
Grade 5 - Review Science material thus far!!

* If anyone has an empty 2L pop bottle, please send it to school with your child.  I need it for Science.  Thanks!

Thursday, Jan. 12, 2017.

This morning we enjoyed our trip to Vanier to see the play "Vanishing Vegetables".

Math - We spent a lot of time learning about what the mean/average of a data set really "means"!  
Here are pdfs of the handouts I gave the students:

The mean is on the note sheet.  On the homework sheet, please complete #1-8.  Show your work.  Calculate Mean HW.pdf MeanMedianModeNote.pdf

Mon. Jan. 9, 2017.

Math - We started a new unit:  Data Management.  We discussed what interpreting data means.  
Gr.5:  p. 158-9 # 1-4, Reflect
Gr.6:  p. 170-1 # 1-5

Language - We are focussing on the skill of inferencing.
-Students also worked on a writing assignment: Christmas Traditions.  These are due tomorrow.
-Totem descriptions were returned and they are to be signed.

Science - We have started two new units.
Gr.5:  Human Body Systems (with me).  Students are to get the parent letter signed tonight.
Gr.6:  Space (with Mrs. Labrecque-Mireault).  They are to have title pages completed for Wednesday.