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Peace Week
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It was our last day of Peace Week, and the theme was Peace Within Our World. I walked by our classrooms and heard snippets of lessons on the world and how world peace all starts by being kind to one person. Stewardship of the earth was a major focus. Our Green Team met, and came up with a list of activities for the coming months - all geared towards protecting our environment. (I can't wait for ugly sweater day in February, which will ask us all to lower the thermostat by a few degrees in order to reduce global warming and polar habitat loss.) To top it all off, we have six trees being planted tomorrow. It has been a wonderful week. Stay tuned for more themes!
Posted by seccleshall  On Nov 17, 2016 at 7:42 PM 74 Comments
Today we are focusing on bringing a positive outlook to our school and community. I was lucky enough to be invited into Mrs. Godin's Grade 4 class, and it was an absolute pleasure to see the students' enthusiasm and willingness to take risks. We practiced taking the negative things we hear about others during the day, and putting a positive twist or spin on them.  Today, the students have been asked to look for the positive characteristics in each person, and to say thank you to those who consistently demonstrate kindness.
Posted by seccleshall  On Nov 16, 2016 at 10:14 AM 59 Comments
How exciting! We are starting to receive student work focused on Peace Week, and are hearing the buzz of Peace Week lessons, resources and sayings. Today, we asked students to do two things: 1) Perform a Random Act of Kindness for a member of the family. (Make a lunch for your sister, with a note inside; tell someone in your family, "Thank you", and say why; or help around the house without being asked.) 2) Before you speak, THINK! (T - Is it True? H - Is it Helpful? I - Is it Inspiring? N - Is it necessary? and K - Is it Kind?) We want everyone at St. Mary's, particularly in this Peace Week, to THINK before they speak.
Posted by seccleshall  On Nov 15, 2016 at 2:56 PM 177 Comments
In our school board, this week is devoted to Bullying Awareness. St. Mary's has chosen to take a positive spin on this, and is having "Peace Week".  Each day of Peace Week (November 14-18) has a theme, and today's was "Peace Within Myself". The object of some of the lessons today was to have students think about what places, activities and thoughts make them feel good about themselves and their lives. Self-esteem makes kids (and adults, too) positive and resilient - able to persevere through the challenges that life is sure to send our way. One of the highlights of the day was receiving a set of slides on inner peace from Mrs. Labrecque-Mireault's class. I found it very interesting that many of the kids cited time alone with a family member as their go-to for feeling great about themselves. Tomorrow, we will see how they feel about the theme of "Peace Within My Close Circle of Friends and Family".
Posted by seccleshall  On Nov 14, 2016 at 4:20 PM 50 Comments