You're the Chef Program Cooks Up Fun!

You're the Chef!
Posted on 04/12/2018
The April 2018 You’re the Chef program started today with a small group of chefs-in-the-making. For their first lesson, they learned about kitchen safety, the importance of handwashing, and how to read a recipe (along with problem-solving and collaboration). Many thanks to our participants this evening - we look forward to seeing (and tasting) their creations over the next four weeks. Thanks, also, to the parent volunteers who trained for and now lead the program - Lisa Santos and Kathy Boose. They will be running a second session, due to start mid-May. We have, for the past two sessions, targeted Grades 4-6, with teachers asking their students to express their desire to join the initiative. We are limited to approximately 12 students per session, but are very much hoping to run this program again next year.