Monday is Orange Shirt Day

Every Child Matters
Posted on 09/28/2018

Monday, we wish to acknowledge Orange Shirt Day (with Sept. 30th being the official day). It’s a special day to remind everyone - all students - that they matter!


Orange shirt Day started 5 years ago (2013) in a school in British Columbia and continues to expand in schools across Canada.


It’s a story shared by Phyllis Wastad who is now a grandmother. As a child she went to residential school. They were different from our schools today. On her first day, her new orange t-shirt was taken from her and never returned. It made her feel sad - and like she didn’t matter.


As she began sharing her story, it inspired others to action - and as a result, Sept. 30th has been declared Orange Shirt Day - as a way to affirm a commitment to well-being, self-esteem and to ensure that everyone knows they matter!


On Monday, you are invited to talk about what makes you “feel like you matter” and different ways to honour Orange Shirt Day.