What We've Been Up To
Feb 16th, 2017

Today was a fantastic celebration! Thank you to all the parents who helped count and send in your child's 100 items. When we counted them today we came up with some interesting findings. Ask your child what number they had. We ranged from 87- over 300! This lead to great conversations about accuracy. We counted by 10's, 5's and even a few students counted to 100 by 2's!
Our costumes were a hit with the entire school. We raised some curiosity at recess when we had a gorilla, frog, bunny and Thor wearing their costumes above their snowsuits!
Thank you again for all your support and hard work with these costumes.

*Please see our Photo Gallery for pictures of the day

Feb 14th, 2017
Today, the grade ones set off on an adventure! They were put into five groups and rotated between the 5 primary rooms in our hallway. They had a fun-filled day of singing, dancing, creating crafts and art! Check their communication bags for their creations as well as their Valentine's.

Remember: Tomorrow is the 100th day, but we have moved our celebration to Thursday, as tomorrow is Mass and we really wanted to wear our costumes and it wouldn't be respectable to wear them to Church. So we will celebrate on Thursday!