We Scare Hunger Food Drive 2017 - The Beginning

Wanted: Non-perishable food items
Posted on 10/03/2017
Please join us in supporting our local food bank with the We Scare Hunger Food Drive. The Food Bank has a regular list of items that people receive: tea and instant coffee, peanut butter, jam, soup, baked beans, pasta, spaghetti sauce, canned peas, corn and green beans, canned salmon, tuna, ham or chicken, stew, Kraft dinner, individual oatmeal.

Other items given out to people with children include: drinking boxes, snack containers of applesauce, fruit, cheese and crackers.

All other items are considered extras, such as Mr. Noodles, and they are given out to anyone that wants them but they do not help to stock the shelves with the staple items they use every week.

Cash is always appreciated. The Food Drive will be on until October 13th.