Active Listening:

January 30th

Last week, we worked, as a school, on Habit #1 of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (and Happy Kids). Habit #1 is Be Proactive (as opposed to reactive). We see this as one of the habits with the greatest impact. Teaching kids that they are responsible for their own actions and happiness, and showing them how not to react to what they perceive as a negative situation, can change the culture of a class or group.

We (the adults) can help with that. How often have we, as parents or teachers, heard a child talk about a problem, and immediately reacted? Sometimes, the child simply needs to vent - they need to have someone listen. They don't necessarily want the parent or teacher to take action. In fact, once the child has had time to process the situation (and let off some steam with a trusted adult), he/she often quickly moves on.

We will talk more at school about active listening (part of Habit #5), but in the meantime, there is an excellent resource at:…/the-skill-of-list…/

Stay tuned for Habit #2 - Begin With the End In Mind