Daily Work

** The BONUS questions will now go towards 2 areas: 
1) survivor bonus points
2) test scores!
The first 3 people to answer will receive the bonus marks!!

MATH: Ch. 11 - probability
Pg. 458 #1-4
Pg. 463 #1, 2, 5

SCIENCE:  Test: Wed. June 7th
Main topis you need to know:
particle theory - understand it
Archimedes' Principle
Pascal's law
Temperature and how it affects viscosity, density, particles, pressure, etc
* when given this list, you need to not only know the definition, but understand the topics. 
* also, be familiar with the science experiments that were done in class, and what was learned
** science answers from the SCOOT game/review done in class were shared with everyone over the weekend.  Make sure to review.

Science Stations - Friday, May 26th - write up for each station
due: Monday, June 5th - please make sure to have it typed and shared with me!

ART: one point perspective drawing: due Friday, June 9th - will have time to work on it in class on Wed. June 7th.


Maze Runner - students need to be finished to the end of chapter 23, by June 6th
If reading is missed in class, you need to get caught up on your own!
Front cover, Ch. 1-5 worksheets due must be in duotang - get ready for more tasks coming your way for the novel!
Project "challenges" have been shared with everyone - must complete 5 challenges (more for bonus)
Book and challenges in duotang due: Friday, June 23rd!

- Topic sentence
- supporting sentences
- concluding sentence

** students are encouraged to use a graphic organizer to ENSURE they are including all parts of a paragraph. 
** juicy, descriptive words
** transition words

HISTORY - History assignment - Unit 2 topic.
** project has been shared with all students - please select a topic and let me know your choice!
Due: Thursday, June 8th!!
Mock Parliament June 8th
Be ready to work in class when assigned work done - and make sure to spend time EACH NIGHT working on this!!  Time is flying by!!

Track and Field: MOVED TO FRIDAY, JUNE 9TH - due to weather forecast.

RELIGION - picture that demonstrates the presence of Jesus - Due: Friday, June 9th

GREAT work students!!  Keep it up.


BONUS - What is Pascal's law?