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Today I had the opportunity to work with the most wonderful group of students. We talked about listening, and how to do it well. I found myself thinking about the lesson later in the day, when a valued friend was telling me why she hadn't been able to sleep, due to the heavy winds. I immediately jumped to the fact that I had slept well, also because of the winds. Bad listening on my part. I must pay attention to what I am trying to teach:             1. Focusing on the other person with our ears, eyes and heart – staying quiet and still and really listening to what the other person has to say, as opposed to just thinking about what YOU want to say when the other person is done,             2. Paying attention, not only to the words said, but also to the person’s body language and tone,             3. Empathizing – putting yourself in the other person’s shoes, and trying to  understand how he or she feels,             4. Mirroring – repeating parts of what the person has said to show that you are hearing her, and             5.  Asking clarifying questions. There is no need to offer advice (unless you are being asked for advice). The important thing is to just listen.
Posted by seccleshall  On Nov 22, 2016 at 2:02 AM 1 Comment
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